"I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I wanted a class where my managers would actually experience teamwork, not just talk about it. There was a definite change in their behavior that reflected a greater sense of trust and desire to help each other out, as well as the confidence we could work together as a team."

— Sandy Ryan
General Manager, IST-Quadtek

"When I became President of Cinnabon we had a staff divided and even battling each other. This obviously was hurting the business both culturally and economically. Rather than fire, re-staff and retrain, we contacted Vision Leadership. They designed very powerful experiential tools to not only demonstrate what teamwork looked like, but make us perform as a team.

We were able to change the atmosphere literally overnight. We then continued to work with Vision Leadership on "hot spots" within the company. Cinnabon saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee-related costs through the cultural transformation ."

— Kern Gillette
CEO, Cinnabon.



High performance teamwork programs and corporate team building workshops offered by Vision Leadership are high quality and innovative courses that  create a higher level of teamwork as well as challenge and develop leadership skills.

New teams lack familiarity and trust; established teams fall prey to dysfunctional patterns. We're sometimes left wondering: What's keeping the team from really pulling together?

In learning how to build great teams, we find that high performance teamwork is most easily cultivated with newly forming groups. It takes less effort to initiate creative and effective relationships right from the start.

Most of our work, however, is with existing teams who have a history of less than optimal collaboration, sometimes tainted with conflicts or mistrust. This is exactly where we bring value to our clients: by offering team building programs that cut through this outer layer of disappointment. Instead of discussing all that is not working, we invite teams into experiential learning activities, indoors or outdoors, to get a taste of what high performance collaboration really is.

Short team building programs provide an experience of exhilarating peak performance. Long-term programs ensure that this high performance becomes the new team reality. Committed, hard working and creative individuals align themselves towards an inspiring and innovative team mission in a climate of openness, authenticity, and appreciation.

This effort to build great teams pays off particularly in organizations where the top management team develops the capacity to model and inspire extraordinary teamwork at all levels. The resulting energy and strength empowers us to move from reactive to proactive, embracing the inevitable conflicts and challenges that arise.

Whether you engage us to deliver a one-time peak performance event or to create a true high performance culture in your organization, the experience of deep collaboration not only lives on as a hallmark of your team's success, but it stands as an inspiration for everyone to achieve sustained and extraordinary results.