"It was definitely a worthwhile
business investment"

— Chantay Reid
Director of Human Resources

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We offer open-enrollment 1-day PCI Adventure for potential clients to sample PCI.
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Igniting Passion, Creativity & Innovation

Many of our clients would love to experience more passion, creativity and innovation—in work and in life. But these are elusive qualities. How does creativity arise, passion inspire, or innovation emerge and take hold?

PCI Adventure is a breakthrough, multisensory adventure designed to access and ignite our inherent passion and creativity, channeling it into innovative results. PCI is based on a strong theoretical underpinning (not just crayons and goofy hats) allowing us to translate the best innovation principles, tools and practices into sustainable business results.

We offer PCI Adventure in two formats:

A half-day PCI designed to break through the fears many people have of allowing themselves to truly feel passionately creative. This program enthusiastically grants permission for teams to enter into a higher level of creativity and deepens the understanding of how creativity works, both on an individual and group level.

A full-day PCI builds on the half-day program by practicing more creativity techniques and by delving into the conditions that thwart creativity and innovation. Each organization and each individual has its own particular creativity killers. We help root them out and send them packing!

The take-away is clear: by reconnecting to the playful core inside of us, we motivate, inspire, and revitalize. Where there was once caution and resistance, we have buy-in.