"Your evident professionalism and superior instruction have helped our managers and senior leaders expand and improve their leadership skills to a level far greater than expected."

— Chris Perry
Senior Performance Consultant, Qwest Communications

"Excellent catalyst for teamwork breakthroughs. The learning that takes place is very dynamic and hard to capture in a manual. But how many training manuals do you have sitting on a shelf gathering dust? Vision Leadership has the perfect balance of business savvy and creativity to meet the needs to a changing business environment and maximize the talents of the people who can make a difference."

— Arleen Hiuga
General Manager, REI Redmond Store



Strong leadership is a balancing act. It requires navigating current complexities, and at the same time discerning future possibilities. It demands sophisticated assessment, generative action, and an inspiring vision for the journey ahead. It's like peering through a microscope with one eye and a telescope with the other—while keeping the present moment on track.

We believe the most effective and fulfilling leadership is full of wisdom, insight, authenticity, and a spirit of inquiry and adventure. Driven by a sense of appreciation and guidance, this type of leadership unfolds latent potentials, and motivates others toward positive outcomes they may not yet perceive. It inspires and empowers others to overcome patterns that inhibit effectiveness. And it compels true team performance.

In short, cultivating leadership capacity and maturity is the most vital investment an organization can make.

The Art of Coaching
Experience the dynamic interplay of coaching and peak performance.

The Art of Coaching is our entry-level leadership development workshop. It takes place on a hub-and-spoke high challenge ropes course. The "challenge" would seem to be the elevation of the course. But very soon participants realize that the real challenge is to develop the skills, courage, compassion, and ability to inspire and guide others toward extraordinary results.

In this full day of sustained peak performance, participants learn coaching from every angle—being coached, coaching others, and supporting the coaching interactions unfolding around them.

Classroom-based artificial coaching exercises and role-plays pale in comparison.

To learn more about The Art of Coaching, contact us. To go deeper...

Awakening the Warrior Within
Play a Bigger Game

In this three-day program, we delve into the archetype of the Warrior, relating Warrior traits to advanced leadership. We invite you to explore the higher states that come from leading at your edge, and to bring this sense of inquiry and adventure back to your daily life, increasing your capacity to engage in clear and authentic leadership.

The Warrior archetype contains the action-oriented drives of masculine energies, as well as the relational connectedness commonly associated with the feminine. Both require courage, insight, and fortitude. We awaken the Warrior within by exploring the fields with which we interact, our own development as an individual, and our authentic connection to others.

Addressing these three domains, Awakening the Warrior Within empowers you to play a bigger game, put your higher self in the driver's seat, and build powerful partnerships based in mutuality, power, and relatedness. You will forge and strengthen relationships, enrich your team, and experience the power of grounded and decisive leadership. Awakening the Warrior Within is our gateway program to TLab (see below).

To learn more about Awakening the Warrior Within, contact us. To go deeper...

TLab—Transformational Leadership adventure-based
Develop the Capacity for Mature Leadership

Transformational Leadership adventure-based, or TLab, is our foundation program for leadership development. TLab combines the excitement and effectiveness of adventure-based learning with an in-depth exploration into the qualities and development of advanced leadership.

TLab is organized in five three-day modules that take you deep into explorations of your inner core, your vision, your creativity, and your strategies for bringing new and dynamic leadership qualities into the world. TLab begins with Awakening the Warrior Within, and culminates in a service learning adventure that you will never forget.

TLab will help you be more present and authentic, listen deeper, build stronger relationships, take action to empower others and help them free their creative energies, and increase your capacity to generate positive strategic change. The program is not for everyone. It requires dedication and commitment. But if you are ready to deepen your calling, widen your vision, and embody transformational change, TLab can take you there!

TLab begins in September 2010. More details to come very soon!... or contact us if you can't wait!