"Manson Construction is a 100 year old Marine Construction Co. steeped in history and culture. Believe me experiencing leadership by playing a game show or climbing on a rope is not part of that historical culture. When Vision Leadership suggested the program we used I gritted my teeth and said 'SURE let's do it…' and here are a few of the responses we got from the participants.
  • Outstanding event… I never believed I could learn so much and have so much fun at a company meeting…
  • What a wonderful way to present information. I had so much fun and I sincerely believe I will remember it this time.
  • I had my doubts about this but, you truly delivered a memorable event.
Vision Leadership proved to be the deciding factor in the success of our event. Without their creative collaborative thinking we would have had just another Leadership Meeting. What we had was a "Watershed Event" which we are continuing to build on."

— Randy L. Maddox
Director of Leadership and IIF,
Manson Construction Co.

"Vision Leadership has been very instrumental in helping build esprit and teamwork in the Boeing Employees Community Fund campaign."

— Dick Spangler
Senior Manager of Community Relations,
Boeing Co.



Creativity & Innovation for Business Results

In difficult times, it’s all too easy to focus on "saving the boat." But we know that the future belongs to the companies that commit to creativity and innovation. They will emerge as the winners in the new economy!

The financial crisis can be an incredible leverage for companies seeking to energize the creative capital of their people in order to galvanize around innovative solutions.

This is the value we bring at Vision Leadership: we stimulate, empower and guide creativity and innovation so that our clients not only adapt to gain market share in the current downturn, but are poised to emerge on top when the economy turns around.

Our flagship program is PCI Adventure. PCI stands for Passion, Creativity & Innovation. We offer it in half- and full-day formats to kick-start creativity. PCI Adventure is like gasoline in an engine: it creates a boost of energy to get the engine running confidently again.

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For some of our clients, this surge in energy is all they need to get back on track.

For others, more help is needed. To extend the metaphor: it might be time to rebuild the engine. We then work with you to diagnose what is preventing innovation from happening, and help bring more synergy to the system. And for others, it may be time to strategize to transition to a smaller but higher performance engine.

Whichever metaphor fits you best, here are key business advantages and results we bring, along with a fun and satisfying process:
  • Energized and empowered teams that demonstrate increased strategic and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Reduced time to market for new products
  • Heightened stakeholder interest and buy-in while rolling out a new strategy
  • Effective management of typically difficult transitions, such as downsizing or the merger between two companies or business units
  • Embodiment of company values, deepening the feeling of being part of a great team or corporate tribe
We would like to give credit for our success in creating results to our partner Interplay Experience Design. Smart meeting technology opens hearts and minds so people move toward change rather than running away from it.